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RSD Travel Ireland Ltd. – close to the customer

RSD Travel Ireland Limited – RSD Travel Ireland Ltd for short – was founded in 2009.

The tour company is part of a medium-sized business group that employs over 800 people across Europe.

RSD Travel Ireland specialises in educational and recreational trips and is one of the largest cultural tour operators in Europe.

Trips are mainly marketed directly and in cooperation with renowned newspaper and magazine publishers, mail-order companies as well as through personal recommendations from highly satisfied customers. RSD Travel Ireland boasts a huge number of regular customers due to its excellent customer satisfaction rate of A- (with A being the highest grade). So it’s no surprise that RSD Travel Ireland has welcomed more than 2.2 million guests in the last ten years.

The carefully selected product portfolio is large and includes, among others, interesting cultural trips to Rhodes, Greece, Croatia, Israel, South Africa, Cyprus and India as well as various exclusive cruises and expeditions.

RSD Travel Ireland also offers a relaxing spa stay in Czechia and a luxury holiday just outside Strasbourg and Baden-Baden in one of Germany’s most exceptional hotels.

By working closely together with local agencies, we can ensure that everything runs smoothly. Local, highly qualified guides share their knowledge, allowing guests to delve into the history and customs of each destination.

RSD Travel Ireland is the perfect choice for discerning holidaymakers looking for cultural and adventure trips offering excellent value for money.

RSD – top service direct to customers.

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RSD Europe-wide

Thanks to excellent value for money and extremely positive feedback from our cooperation partners and our guests, RSD is now able to market its tours in 10 other European countries.