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Video Christmas message

With this wonderful video Christmas message from our RSD team, we are sending you our warmest Christmas greetings during these exceptional times. We all wish you and your family a peaceful Christmas and a happy and healthy 2021! We are grateful for your support and we are looking forward to next year full of optimism. Let's discover the wonders of the world again together.

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Planting trees with children

„Every tree counts“, shout the children and young people at the Plant-for-the-Planet initiative. To save the earth’s climate, they want to plant no fewer than a trillion trees by 2030.

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The RSD tour managers: professionals with hearts and minds

What makes RSD tour managers so special? Why is it them in particular that guarantee RSD’s success and the superb quality of our tours?

Their magic formula is first-class competence + a good dose of humanity = strong characters. And therefore the best source of support for our travellers.

We spoke to some of the 500 colleagues who work for us as tour managers all over the world. We’ve put together a few examples of what they had to say about what they like about RSD and its guests, and most importantly what they expect from themselves.

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The West Coast Kids are smiling again

How RSD is effectively supporting a lovely dentistry project in South Africa

Around 160 kilometres north of Cape Town – on South Africa’s stunning west coast – is the small village of Paternoster. Many families here live on the edge of a basic subsistence. For children, this also means inadequate medical care. And this includes the care of their teeth. So out of the 300 children at the only school in the village, 95 per cent therefore need dental treatment. The „West Coast Kids“ aid project is therefore an absolute lifeline for them.

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RSD is celebrating its 10th anniversary!

There’s a great reason for a party: RSD is celebrating its 10th anniversary! RSD started out in 2009 with a trip to Cappadocia. Today, in 2019, we are one of the largest cultural tour organisers in Europe with almost 2 million customers – and with a top collection of hugely popular worldwide holidays.

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RSD provides help following severe earthquake in Nepal

Over 8,500 fatalities: that’s the sad balance of the devastating earthquake in Nepal in April 2015. Some 8.6 million people have been directly affected, including some 1.2 million children. They have been torn from their everyday lives, no longer have a roof over their heads, and many have lost family members, too. The constant fear of new quakes combined with the high level of poverty means that reconstruction work is progressing very slowly.

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RSD Celebrates One Million Guests

A Dream Trip to the Orient for the Winners Dr Ursula Schuster and Mr Bernhard Wunder are enthusiastic: “RSD does a great job.” The end of the one-week trip combining two different countries, “Cyprus and Turkey”, could not have had a better end for the RSD regulars Dr Ursula Schuster and Bernhard Wunder. It was the beginning of December 2014, and they had just returned from the Turkish part ofCyprus in the north of the island, where they had followed in the footsteps of the apostles, viewed ancient sites and gained fantastic insights into the historical architecture of the Roman period.

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RSD Holiday-makers Hand Over a Donation of Books in Turkey

Just as it did last year, RSD has demonstrated how much it cares for children in the holiday region in and around Antalya. RSD not only gives its travellers the chance to become more familiar with the culture, history and the magnificent natural sights to be seen in Turkey; it opens the door to personal encounters with the people there.

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Recent meeting between RSD head and Turkish foreign minister

The international travel trade show in Berlin: the world’s biggest tourism trade show in Berlin, ITB, took place this March. And it was at this event that Christian Funk, the owner of RSD, shook hands with the then Turkish Minister of European Affairs Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu.

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Top marks for RSD coach drivers

A perfectly organised RSD study trip not only involves carefully selected hotels and qualified, frequently praised tour guides. The coach drivers have to be real professionals, too: reliable and always keeping the well-being of their passengers in mind. Our Turkish partner NBK Touristic in Antalya keeps a close eye on this aspect, always striving to ensure that the high RSD standards are put into practice locally, too.

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RSD in Antalya receives a high-level visit

He had come to express his appreciation on behalf of the Province of Antalya: Recep Yüksel, the assistant to the governor in the field of tourism and culture. He was happy to take part in a group photo: side-by-side with Recep Yavuz, representing RSD, and surrounded by cheerful members of the RSD team in Antalya.

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The major mine disaster in Soma

Presentation of 90,000 euro donation for desperate families in the mountain villages Help from RSD and its tour guides The images transmitted from the site of the disastrous mining accident were terrible: on 13 May in the western Turkish town of Soma, 301 miners died and left behind devastated families. The next-of-kin were promised support. But this help did not always reach the families quickly, especially those who live in the inaccessible mountain villages around Soma.

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Sponsored by RSD: Patara – a historical photo exhibition at Antalya Airport.

A photo exhibition at Antalya Airport documents how, little by little, the ancient metropolis of Patara is being unearthed. Kilometres of sandy beach today extend along the coast of Lycia, where Patara once stood, a splendid ancient metropolis, tremendously important port and a Roman provincial capital. The Apostle Paul visited the city, which was also the birthplace of St. Nicholas. And in a photo exhibition that is well worth seeing, guests arriving at Antalya Airport can now gaze in wonder at all that the husband-and-wife team of archaeologists, Havva and Fahri Isik, has retrieved from the drifting sands of Patara over the past 25 years.

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Europe – here we come!

When the phones start ringing at RSD, Europe gets going. That’s because our wonderful holidays, like RSD’s tour of Cappadocia or a stay in a dream hotel in Dubai, are also booked in Swedish, French and Norwegian.

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Third anniversary for one of Europe’s biggest cultural tour operators

We’ve got our holidaymakers convinced – anniversary of a success story RSD has good reason to celebrate – for three years now, the dedicated team of experts has been putting together special tours for discerning holidaymakers – and at top prices. A brief glance at the statistics reveals just how popular the carefully compiled cultural and adventure tours have now become. Only recently, RSD was able to welcome its 500,000th guests on a tour in Turkey. As a token of gratitude, they received a luxury trip for two to the United Arab Emirates.

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RSD-travel in Myra

RSD declared itself willing to make a donation of TL 100,000, that’s roughly 50,000 euros, to help pay for work at an excavation site in Myra, Southwest Turkey.

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